If you know me, you already know how to reach out. This is not the right place to seek benefits for any foundation, even if already approved or listed. But I assume you did not find this place by accident. If you did, there is nothing here for you, you are not welcome here, and are not authorized to use this server. Unathorized server access will be logged, blocked, and possibly prosecuted. So, like, get out now before something bad happens to you? (I think that's what I'm supposed to say.)

For those who have contributed and are looking for me, use your keyword at any time. Those who do not know me personally but are a worthy investor seeking consultancy or serious asset management, I highly advise you to start with a US regional representative of Credit Suisse.

If you happen to be among those who have known the benefactor for many years, you will already know how to reach out if you have any concerns. I am not interested in tax breaks or any puruit of charitable contribution. All donations from this organization or any related organizations go to highly regulated and 100% desigated to benefitiary sources of those who carry the Word of Christ throughout the world.

If you know who I am, know me from years past, thank you for your interest. Sincerely. Thank you for visiting this site.